Real Estate

Use maps and data to get the right prospects in front of the right properties

Customised solutions for your business

  • Engage the consumers with reliable data and an attractive look and feel

  • Add value to your properties by showing interesting information for your users

  • Inspire users about what’s nearby their desired locations

  • Display all the collected available data on for-sale homes

Benefits obtained

  • Increased user’s time spent in your website

  • Using the map as a source of reliable information

  • Improved decision making process

  • Increased transactions

Solutions offered

POIs / Places

Inspire your users by placing Points of Interest close to their current or desired location.   By using Google Places API your consumers can get information about  what’s nearby, remove anxiety and be inspired.

Travel Time

People search based on time, not distance. For example, where are places 20 minutes from a series of locations? When you enable people to search in a time-based manner, online transactions increase significantly.

Draw your search

Allow your users to select their desired area on a map to get specific information inside it. When you give your users the freedom of choosing their own search parameters, user engagement  and trust increased.


Use a visual coloured filter to show your user the “hottest” or “coolest” places around their location. What’s the most popular area to go shopping? Which area has the highest number of restaurants and pubs? Providing this information your user will have an easiest decision making process

Case Studies

Douglas and Gordon

“Snowdrop really walk the talk. The development team inspired a sense of reliability and trust, while the business team had a lot of knowledge about real estate. They understood why we needed to do things, and suggested ways we could do them better.”

Michael Reed, Digital Consultant.