Customised deployments for your business


To make our customer’s journey satisfying and productive, Snowdrop relies upon an engagement model that combines needs and requirements with our experienced workflow and best practices.

The model follows a progressive path to the implementation of the selected solutions, best practices for customers based on the target sector, support and care after the implementation and the promotion of the project once it is finished.

Throughout this process, we get the best way to deliver and measure value in everything that we do together.

Snowdrop Solutions is a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

By using Google Maps technologies, the most used and familiar mapping platform in the world, businesses can connect with their users, helping their engagement with the brand and producing better results. All this by unlocking the rich insights that geo and data have to offer.

Customers saw tangible business improvements

Customers report improved business efficiency

Customers use Google Maps API to boost customer satisfaction

Customers report increased productivity

What Google Maps can offer you


By using Google Maps APIs, which power the world's most used mapping platform, you'll get personalised imagery and rich, interactive applications.

You can show your users how to get to a place and how much time they would need through directions and distance, and let them more easily visualise decision making information by adding places and POIs.

Location Services

Build intuitive applications for your users, who benefit from the familiarity of Google Maps.

By offering rich data, from both Google and your own datasets, you'll reduce the user's time to transact with access to simple, elegant interfaces including aids to data entry and selection.

You'll also get better quality information, with less user abandonment and more accurate inputs.

Movement Optimization

Locate, understand and control with Asset Tracking & Navigation. Extend this valuable knowledge to your customers.

Provide your users with useful, contextually meaningful information. Help them to find the best way to get somewhere with Real Time Movement and the use of Advanced Routing Algorithms and up to date Driving Directions.

Location Intelligence

Use geo-analytics to further improve services. Also, improve business decisions by deploying intelligence that better understands, and better uses, the daily changes in our physical world.

Deliver powerful applications through the use of rich imagery and contextually important location data.

Optimise the value of the services you deliver.

Enhance the user engagement with your brand by inspiring them and easing their decision making journey.

Allow your users to easily move themselves or their assets, with valuable information around their journey.

Maximise the value of your properties locating the truly useful data for your users. Increase the engagement and enhance purchases.

Improve your customer's experience by adding the latest digital mapping developments in finance